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Rahul Gandhi claims that leaked speech note was secretly handed over to him by Sushma Swaraj when she held his hand

13, Aug 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. After claiming yesterday in parliament that External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj held his hand, Rahul Gandhi today made one more claim.

Rahul claims that the speech note which he was carrying while entering into the parliament (captured excellently by Telegraph’s photographer Prem Singh), was in fact handed over to him by Sushma.

The leaked note!
The leaked note!

“I am pretty sure when she held my hand to ask ‘Beta, why are you angry with me’, she also surreptitiously sneaked into that speech note in my hand, just like she secretly helped Lalit Modi. Now I get it why she was trying to get so close to me,” Rahul Gandhi said as he tore away the speech note before media. “She wanted me to learn history, but I didn’t know she was this hell bent that I do that.”

“It was clearly a ploy by Modi ji and Sushma ji to weaken my knowledge about history and deliberately hand me a note with all wrong information,” he went on to claim as Rajiv Shukla affixed scattered notes again, only to be torn again by Gandhi scion.

“Otherwise tell me who doesn’t know about Gandhi ji and his 4 monkeys,” Rahul added as he was interrupted by close aides.

When Faking News asked Rahul why did he still go ahead with that speech and claimed Gandhi ji has 3 monkeys, when he knew it was a ploy, he argued, “Because my daadi and mummy and papa have taught me to respect seniors, therefore I went ahead with incorrect information at my own expense.”

Later Rajiv Shukla also lambasted BJP for playing dirty politics.

“We all are aware that Shree Rahul Gandhi ji has a habit of carrying notes before giving speeches. Of late, Rahul ji has decided that speech is the only thing that he will not depend on ‘state of his mind’ and would rather depend on a prepared note. It is this habit of his that Sushma tried to take advantage of,” Rajiv Shukla claimed.

“We condemn it. Theek hai,” Manmohan Singh, standing next to Shukla added. “Also Mauni baba chuppi todo.”