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Rahul Gandhi demands Z+ security for his twitter account

02, Dec 2016 By sagarcasm

New Delhi:  A day after his Twitter account was hacked, congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has requested the Government to provide Z+ security to his twitter account.

Security for Twitter accounts

Late Wednesday evening, Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account (@OfficeOfRG) was found to be hacked. Though the abusive tweets were taken down hours later, the screenshots of these tweets will live forever like LK Advani. Several Congress leaders like Digvijay Singh, RS Surjewala called this hacking a cheap trick by BJP to tarnish the amazing personality of Rahul Gandhi.

A letter submitted to the Home Minister Rajnath Singh by Rahul Gandhi demanded that Z+ category security should be given to Rahul’s twitter account considering the attack by hackers.

Ravi Shankar Prasad, the current Union Minister holding Ministry of Information Technology, decided to respond to the letter. “Was Rahul Gandhi’s account actually hacked? I thought he was tweeting the truth for the first time. Anyway, he should be more careful with his digital presence. He should install firewall at his home network. If his account still gets hacked, I will demand resignation of Twitter CEO”, Mr Prasad said.

However, this response made Rahul Gandhi very angry. Speaking to Faking News, he said, “Why is Ravi Shankar Prasad responding when it is none of his concern. This is not about information or technology. This is about security within the country and Home Minister must respond. Why does he want me to build a firewall in my house? Does he want to burn my house?”

Meanwhile, when we contacted Rajnath Singh, he said,”Do I really have to provide security for his Twitter account? Hacking ki kadi ninda se baat nahin banegi?”