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Rahul Gandhi found playing Ludo instead of Snakes & Ladders

20, Jul 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. A day after he announced that he was ready for bigger roles, Rahul Gandhi was found playing Ludo instead of Snakes & Ladders. This is the first time that Congress General Secretary has played Ludo even though his favorite board game had always been Snakes & Ladders.

It should be noted that Ludo is believed to require more strategic planning and thinking than Snakes & Ladders. Therefore the development is being seen as Rahul’s pro-active approach towards assuming bigger roles in every aspect of his life.

“Ludo and Snakes & Ladders are usually present on the same three-page playing board and Rahul Baba had a similar board, but he never used to play Ludo,” a close aide of Rahul Gandhi informed, “Yes, he did play once, guess just before the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, and ended on the fourth position.”

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi looking at the Snakes & Ladders page on the board and thinking if should go back to playing it

The aide further informed that in that fateful game Rahul Gandhi’s role was just to throw the dice while Digvijay Singh was making the moves and shifting the buttons on the board.

“Digvijay Singh ji was playing with Green buttons,” the aide recalled, “The game was won by a Youth Congress worker Akhilesh, who was playing with Red buttons while another worker Maya, playing with Blue buttons, finished second. The third place was bagged by a worker Umanath who played with Yellow buttons.”

“The Yellow buttons were a bit soiled, because Rahul Baba never used them even in Snakes & Ladders, and looked Saffron in color,” the aide recalled the vivid details.

The aide, who spoke to Faking News on conditions of anonymity, further informed that Digvijay Singh later suspended those three Congress workers for playing so well and pushing Rahul Gandhi to the fourth position.

“Digvijay Singh ji always used to lose the Snakes & Ladders game while playing with Rahul Gandhi ji,” the aide said, “Even if he was on House no. 95 and got 5 after throwing the dice, he used to reject the results and throw the dice again to make sure he lost and Rahul Baba won.”

“He used to reject the results saying he used his RSS wrong hand while throwing the dice,” the aide revealed Digvijay Singh’s strategy to make Rahul Gandhi feel better and confident of his abilities.

However, earlier today, Rahul Gandhi took out the playing board and decided to play Ludo instead of Snakes & Ladders, and that too with someone other than Digvijay Singh. He called on this aide and declared that not only he will throw the dice, he’d also make the moves on the board.

“We couldn’t believe our eyes and ears!” the aide couldn’t hide his excitement, “Rahul Gandhi ji was really willing to play bigger roles!”

However, sources reveal that Digvijay Singh stepped in even here and suggested that for assured victory, Rahul Gandhi should play Ludo with Sharad Pawar, who wanted number 2 position.