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After getting free Khats, UP residents request Rahul Gandhi to organize a Blanket Panchayat next

06, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Deoria:  After taking home free Khats (cots) from Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Khat Panchayat’ program in Deoria, people are now requesting the Congress Vice President to hold ‘Pillow Panchayat’ and ‘Blanket Panchayat’ next.

Sarkaay lo khatiya……

Earlier, Rahul Gandhi kickstarted UP campaign of Congress with a Khat Panchayat program in Deoria. After the program, a melee broke out with people taking home any cot that they could get their hand on. While the looting of the cots was largely peaceful, there were some incidents of scuffles breaking out.

“It was a mad scramble. There were limited Khats to be taken but thanks to my superior fighting skills; I managed to take home 2 after fighting off the competition. Now that we have the Khats, we need some pillows, mattresses and blankets. Mattress is not a high priority item but with winter season approaching, we really hope that the blanket panchayat is held soon. They just have to organize the panchayat, we will take blankets the way we took these khats”, Ram Prasad, a local resident of Deoria said.

Another local resident nodded in agreement with ram Prasad’s remarks and said ,”Politicians have full 5 years to earn but we only have these 3-4 months to get what we want from the politicians. We already have the Khats now thanks to Rahul Ji, just waiting on the blankets. After all, winter is coming, hum bhi Game of Thrones dekhte hain bhai. Maybe other parties can step up to provide those; we don’t want to be a burden on just one party.”

The “Khat kaand” has taken a political colour with Congress accussing rival parties of stealing cots to stop any future Khat Panchayats. BJP and BSP have said that it was an elaborate plan of Congress to bribe voters with cots.

Meanwhile, Akhilesh Yadav has promised that just like smartphones, his party will provide double bed with medicated mattresses to everyone if he returns to power.