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Rahul Gandhi not ready for No. 2 position in Congress, may accept No. 2.5 position

29, Oct 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expressed his disappointment over Rahul Gandhi’s decision not to join his government, it’s now the turn of Congress office bearers to be disappointed.

Rahul Gandhi has said that he’d not yet accept the No. 2 position in Congress i.e. that of a “Secretary General” or “Working President” as was being speculated by the media.

“He still wants to strengthen the Youth Congress, especially in Tamil Nadu, where things are not so good,” a Congress source told Faking News.

Rahul Gandhi
Many political analysts were trying to decipher this enigmatic smile to find out if Rahul Gandhi was ready for a bigger role

“Rahul Gandhi was very disappointed when Youth Congress workers burnt Times of India copies to protest against Time magazine, and recently there were allegations of irregularities in the internal elections of the organization,” the source explained why Rahul Gandhi still wanted to devote time in Youth Congress.

However, sources confirm that there is a huge pressure on Rahul Gandhi to accept a “bigger role” and come out of this whole “youth” business.

“There should be some change, just like the cabinet was reshuffled,” a Congress source explained, “It may not make hell lot of difference, but it makes news and gives a sense that some progress has taken place. It’s high time Rahul Gandhi took a bigger role.”

But reports indicate that Rahul Gandhi has said a clear-cut no to the post of Secretary General, which he found to be an inverted version of the current post that he was holding i.e. General Secretary.

“Maybe the thought that an existing General Secretary had to stand over his heads to become Secretary General,” a Congress worker guessed why Rahul Gandhi might have said no to being promoted.

With “Secretary General” ruled out, party members tried to persuade Rahul Gandhi to accept the “Working President” post, but sources say that this was opposed by his close aide and adviser Digvijaya Singh.

“Diggi Raja said that if we create a post called ‘Working President’ in the party, BJP members would start taunting that the need of such a post was felt because the current President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi was ‘not working’,” the source revealed.

With both the options of being No. 2 in the party being rejected, party leaders are trying to convince Rahul Gandhi to accept No. 2.5 position in the party and thus finally assume a bigger role.

Congress leaders refused to explain what does No. 2.5 position mean.

“First let’s find what does this ‘bigger role’ mean, and then we’ll explain 2.5 to you,” a Congress leader said.