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Rahul Gandhi: Party president elections will be democratic and all voters will be allowed to give a reason for electing me

21, Nov 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

The Congress Working Committee met on Monday to formally initiate the process for the election of party chief. Announcing the dates for the election at a press conference in New Delhi, the party said the poll notification will be issued on December 1 and the nomination and scrutiny process will be completed by December 5. Rahul Gandhi has come out and conveyed that the elections scheduled to be held on 16th Dec will be the democratic one the country has ever seen.


After hearing a lot of accusation that Congress will promote dynastic politics by electing him as the party president, Rahul took this opportunity to assure the countrymen that he will himself make sure that the elections are transparent and everyone gets a chance to give a reason for electing him as the president. Rahul sounded confident that all members will vote for him and it is his responsibility to make sure that everyone gets a chance to speak as to why they voted for him. This is the freedom of expression he has been talking a lot about, and if the nation wants to enjoy freedom of expression, it has to start from the internal elections of a political party.

BJP and its allies are not too worried about the Congress elections being democratic or not. They are excited to see Rahul as the president as this will save them efforts for campaigning during the upcoming elections. BJP offices have ordered lots of sweets and fire crackers to welcome the decision of Rahul becoming president which will be announced on 19th December. Prime Minister Modi has also assured that he will personally visit Rahul and congratulate him for winning a tough election where he was fighting against himself.