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Rahul Gandhi planning to change party symbol to fist to symbolize empowerment

26, Feb 2014 By rahulchaphalkar

New Delhi. The young and dynamic leader of Congress, Rahul Gandhi, in an effort to revamp the face of the Party, has announced plans to change the party symbol. The earlier open palm will now close its fingers to form a clenched fist.

Rahul claimed that a clenched fist will symbolize his the party’s primary, or even the solitary agenda of empowerment, and help it in the coming Lok Sabha elections.

“A clenched fist symbolizes power, which we want to give to the people of this country. An open palm shows helplessness. I don’t know why it was our party’s symbol for so many years to begin with,” Rahul told Faking News.

Congress party symbol
The new symbol of Congress.

Dr. Manmohan Singh also extended full support to this decision by nodding. Party leaders say that his closed mouth was an experiment by Rahul Gandhi to check if closed hand was a better idea.

“The closed mouth did wonders in cases of corruption, so Rahul baba became confident and more resolute to get the palm closed,” a party source revealed.

When asked if this major decision was to justify the recent enlightening interview with Arnab Goswami, Rahul denied the allegation, saying he planned to empower even Arnab Goswami with more on-air time on The Newshour.

The decision has started attracting political reactions. RJD, the most loyal ally of Congress, was first to welcome the decision.

“This symbolizes Congress and RJD coming together,” RJD chief Lalu Yadav said, “You need to close your fingers into a fist if you want to milk a cow. Now we are ready to milk the electoral benefits.”

Left parties mocked Congress for using an imagery that is often associated with leftist revolutions, while Mamata Banerjee claimed that Congress was threatening her with such gestures.

BJP claimed that Congress had shown its true colors and it was now close to holding the broom, the election symbol of AAP.

However, AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal rubbished such comments. He claimed that the change in the symbol symbolized making corruption an integral part of the Congress Party, because a closed hand, according to him, hides whatever is in the hand, which obviously would be money.

For secularism and to get even with the BJP, Kejriwal quickly added that the changed symbol of Congress also proved that Congress and BJP were bhai-bhai.

“Lotus also has closed petals and there is something hidden there,” Kejriwal explained and left the press conference when asked if broom too had something hidden between the straws.