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Rahul Gandhi proposes two Lokpals for two Indias as a compromise formula

23, Aug 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Anna Hazare’s demand of having Rahul Gandhi as the mediator for talks between his team and the government has been accepted by the Congress general secretary and the young Gandhi has come up with a compromise formula that he believes will satisfy all the participants in the ongoing debate over Lokpal.

Rahul Gandhi has proposed two Lokpals for the two Indias that he had discovered earlier.

“The civil society led by Anna wants one Lokpal while the civil society led by Aruna Roy wants five Lokpals; I believe two Lokpals is what they should settle for, for Anna’s team has the upper hand right now,” Rahul Gandhi showed his prowess as a mediator.

Rahul later clarified that the two Lokpals would respectively cater to the two Indias or the two Hindustans that he and many others have talked about earlier.

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi wearing hat of an arbitrator

“One for the rich and the other one for the poor,” Rahul hastily clarified lest journalists, especially those belonging to Faking News, interpret the two Indias as one where the politicians lived and another where the common man lived.

Among the other solutions offered by Rahul Gandhi included a dice throwing game where a numbered clause each from the three Lokpal bill drafts – by Team Anna, by Team Aruna, and by Team Karuna UPA – will be chosen as per the number dice shows. Clauses thus chosen will be compiled and incorporated in the final draft of the bill that will be presented in the parliament.

However sources say that this solution has been rejected by Team Anna. “They continue to be dictatorial and pig-headed and are not listening to our sane suggestions,” Congress spokesman Manish Tewari, speaking from an undisclosed location, complained about Team Anna on conditions of anonymity.

But it appears that Team Anna is willing to experiment with the two Lokpal solutions by Rahul Gandhi, even as stalemate continues on how to define and recognize the two Indias.

While Anna Hazare wants the two Indians to be divided among bribe-takers and bribe-givers, Congress wants it to be divided into Gujarat and Non-Gujarat. BJP was not able to present its point of view on the issue but the party demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Many others too have joined the debate with Arundhati Roy demanding the two Indias to be divided in Corporates and Non-Corporates, while Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid wants one Lokpal for those who chant Vande Mataram and another for those who can’t.

“Only congress can unite two Indias,” Rahul Gandhi said when Faking News asked him how he plans to deal with the situation as the mediator.