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Rahul Gandhi requests UNESCO to declare Congress a World Heritage Party and preserve it

19, Oct 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Soon after it became clear that Congress has lost its ground in the recently held assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana where they were ruling, party Vice President Rahul Gandhi has requested UNESCO to declare Congress a World Heritage Party.

Considering the looming threat of Congress being completely wiped out from Indian political scene, experts are seeing Rahul’s initiative as a well thought and mature move to save his party.

Soon it will be a tourist spot.

However, it’s not going down well with BJP.

“Indian National Congress is the oldest political party in India. And taking into account whatever happened with it in the last 6 months, my demand for its preservation is pretty rational. If not taken proper care of, very soon India will lose one of its pre-independence era monument,” said Rahul Gandhi pitching his proposal.

“Parties like BJP talk about culture and all, but don’t give a damn about Congress, which is also a cultural heritage of India,” a visibly angry Rahul made scathing remarks against the ruling party, “It seems Narendra Modi has has stopped caring about old things. First Advani and now Congress. That’s why we are making an appeal to an international agency to step in.”

Rahul further claimed that Congress was the only party which believed in preserving the heritage and it tried to preserve the India that the British left in 1947.

“Our party tried its best to keep India the way it was. Be it poverty or other such issues, we preserved it, even though it wasn’t that easy as it seems to be. But what we got in return? Nothing! People are adamant to destroy us. Now, UNESCO and UN intervention is the last ray of hope,” Rahul concluded his emotional outburst on a sentimental note.

Congress is expecting UNESCO to talk to the government of India regarding formation of new rules and laws to preserve the grand old party.

A source close to the Congress high command revealed that party leaders were lobbying hard to freeze the current status of Congress MPs and MLAs forever.

“It means no election will take place on those seats in future. Current Congress MPs and MLAs will never be removed, and the position will be passed on from generation to generation within the family,” the source explained the plan to Faking News.