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Rahul Gandhi takes retirement from vacationing after running out of places to vacation

16, Apr 2015 By The Reviewer

New Delhi. In a move that is sure to send panic waves in the tourism industry, Rahul Gandhi’s office released an official statement today stating that the youth icon will take voluntary retirement from vacationing as he has run out of places to vacation.

Ganjay Ojha, spokesperson for Congress told this reporter that the original plan of Congress Vice President was to come back from vacation and spend a good amount of time here in Delhi before thinking of another vacation.

Sleeping Rahul Gandhi
A tired Rahul Gandhi thinking where to go for his next vacation

However, Mr. Gandhi was dead tired and exhausted after working for full 26 minutes at Congress HQ empowering youth and women and RTI. That’s when he decided to go on his next vacation, only to realize that he has run out of places to vacation.

“We are devastated! All Congressis have been living our dream of traveling the world through Rahulji’s eyes,” Raju Chutkula, a professional Gandhi family loyalist said, “But we have not lost all hopes. When Congress comes to power after mid-term elections next year, we will launch ‘Rahul Gandhi Space Tourism Yojna’ and spend lakhs of crores of tax payer’s money on sending Rahulji to travel outside of earth to empower youth and women and RTI.”

Meanwhile, has shown keen interest in acquiring Rahul Gandhi’s private travel team for $80Million. As per an industry source, Rahul Gandhi’s private travel team is slightly bigger than’s entire team in 3 global offices and would be a great fit bringing in expertise in arranging travel to every corner of the globe and that too maintaining unprecedented privacy.

Travel Industry insiders however have criticized the move by Rahul Gandhi saying it will cripple economies of several small nations that were banking on the young Congress leader to vacation there.

Hasmukh Patel of Travel association of India was quite sad. “Several countries will go bankrupt. Tourism industry will see its greatest fall since President Pratibha Patil’s retirement. We are finished,” he said.

Among all the gloom though, one group was ecstatic. Arjinder Bagga, a vocal supporter of BJP was seen distributing sweets on the streets of Delhi at the news of Rahul retiring from vacationing.

“I am very happy at RaGa staying in India often. I am a fan of his socio-scientific theories like ‘Jupiter velocity for dalits’ and ‘Politics is in your pants’. Rahul ji should continue doing the good work he is doing. For BJP,” he told Faking News.