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Rahul Gandhi to appear in the next season of “Maa Exchange”

07, Jul 2011 By Sandeep Kadian

Lucknow. After impressing the rural aam aadmi with his padyatra in Uttar Pradesh, Rahul Gandhi has decided to appear in the next season of the Reality TV show “Maa Exchange” to impress upon the urban aam aadmi. Rahul had travelled in economy classes of trains and watched cricket matches from general stands to achieve the same result earlier, but his latest decision is aimed at connecting with the urban aam aadmi in the closest possible way.

“According to a study conducted by Sensing Human Interest in Television (S.H.I.T) institute, the common man of India spends more time following reality TV shows than travelling in a train or watching cricket matches; we see more voting in one season of Indian Idol than the parliamentary elections,” Rahul Gandhi explained the rationale behind his decision.

Pooja Bedi in Maa Exchange
Pooja Bedi, often confused by many television savvy youth as one of the members of the Lokpal Bill drafting committee, had earlier appeared in the reality show Maa Exchange.

The Congress youth icon further claimed that he had put a lot of thought behind which television show to select and only after evaluating them all he selected Maa Exchange – a reality show where contestants swap their families for a short duration and live in each other’s homes.

When asked to elaborate, Digvijay Singh intervened to explain the though process, “We ruled out singing shows as no one in Gandhi family sings to others’ tunes. We decided against dance shows after watching Sushma Swaraj practicing her dance moves; Rahul baba had no such practice and it would have been unfair to him to put him up against people who have been practicing so far in advance. Bigg Boss was ruled out because last time a Rahul (Mahajan) from a political family went there, they made him clean toilets.”

“We would have settled for MTV Roadies as it’s popular with today’s youth and the fellow contestants surely appear to have lower IQ than Rahul Baba, but there was risk of ABVP goons attacking the show. Finally we settled for Maa Exchange – it is the perfect show where both Madamji and Rahulji can participate and showcase their leadership qualities,” Digvijay Singh explained, drawing nods from Rahul Gandhi.

However Digvijay Singh clarified that Rahul Gandhi will not take part in the show if the producers decided to swap Varun Gandhi’s maa for the show. Sources suggest that a general consensus is emerging around Aishwarya Rai’s yet to be born child as the challenger to Rahul in the reality show.

“We are not in any hurry. Anyway, Rahul Gandhi will not be able to take part in another reality show till Uttar Pradesh elections are over,” Digvijay Singh said.