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Rahul Gandhi to become Prime Minister of India on Children’s Day

13, Nov 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Congress has decided to honor the children of India by making Rahul Gandhi the Prime Minister of the country on the occasion of Children’s Day tomorrow. Rahul Gandhi, who represents the young generation and is often referred as the crown prince, will become “PM for a day” tomorrow. However, this won’t be merely a symbolic appointment; the decisions taken by Rahul as PM will be treated as legitimate and binding.

The decision to have a special Prime Minister on Children’s Day was taken after a Priyanka Gandhi loyalist proposed that her school going kids should be made the PM to celebrate the day. As it involved members of the “family”, everyone in the party agreed to the proposal, but the plan was shelved at the last moment after Priyanka’s kids insisted on having Doraemon as the President of India after removing Pratibha Devisingh Patil.

Rahul Gandhi
Are you smarter than a 5th grader? Rahul Gandhi could be asking the nation once he becomes the Prime Minister.

This is when Digvijay Singh stepped in and proposed to make Rahul Gandhi the special Prime Minister on Children’s Day.

“Rahul is the youngest child of the family after Varun left us to join BJP. And not only us, even others consider him as a young child. Remember Amul Baby?” a Congress source told Faking News, “All of us have waited long to see him as the Prime Minister of the country but he was not obliging us. Finally, we convinced him to be the PM for a day.”

As per the planned events, Rahul Gandhi will take over from Dr. Manmohan Singh at the stroke of midnight tonight.

“It will be India’s new tryst with destiny,” Congress leader Digvijay Singh underscored the importance of the event.

Rahul will be briefed about the duties and powers of a Prime Minister the whole night and will start issuing orders and directives as soon as the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) opens on Monday morning.

“It’s important to brief him about the real duties and powers invested in the post of Prime Minister by the constitution of India,” a PMO source explained, “We fear that he might be having completely different ideas about them the way he has seen Manmohan Singh functioning till date.”

It’s not yet clear what important decisions Rahul could take in a day, but among the immediate issues that could be brought before him are the possible bailout of Kingfisher Airlines, bail to Kanimozhi, and Sachin’s awaited 100th century at Kolkata test that also starts tomorrow.

“There are many other things Rahul Baba can do. I have gifted him the CD of Nayak,” said Digvijay Singh, who could act as the special adviser to the PM for a day.

Party sources further reveal that Rahul Gandhi could also order a cut in petrol prices, which is expected to be announced by the state owned oil companies next week. This will make sure that the credit for the good work goes to Rahul Gandhi even though Manmohan Singh would be back as Prime Minister next week.