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Rahul Gandhi to judge MasterChef Uttar Pradesh by eating food at contestants’ homes

10, Jan 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Lucknow. Congress has come up with a master strategy for campaigning during the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections that is aimed at impressing both the rural as well as the urban voters of the state. The party has roped in television channel Star Plus to start an Uttar Pradesh edition of the cooking game show MasterChef, which will see party leader Rahul Gandhi as the star judge.

“There will be a little change in the format of the show,” Uday Shankar, a Star Plus representative told Faking News, “Instead of contestants coming to our studios, our judges will go to their homes and taste food there. They will even spend a night there if the contestants are from a particular community.”

“Contestants can cook in an environment that they are most comfortable with, and we believe this can bring out the best in them,” Uday justified the changed format of the show.

Rahul Gandhi having food at a dalit household
Rahul Gandhi has prior experience of eating food at homes, and that’s why the format of the show was changed to make sure that his taste buds were in the most active state.

While Star Plus denies that the show is aimed at promoting Congress, channel sources conceded that the idea was originally proposed to them by the party.

“We don’t want to get into political aspects of it; we liked the idea and we agreed to it, simple,” Uday claimed.

“It might help Rahul Gandhi, but then the earlier episodes of MasterChef could have helped Akshay Kumar too. But did anyone complain then?” he defended channel’s decision.

The new episodes will go live next week with Rahul Gandhi visiting a dalit contestant’s home in the first episode. He’d be spending a night there and will be accompanied by two other judges, identities of whom have not been disclosed yet.

In earlier editions of MasterChef, the other judges, apart from Akshay Kumar, were fulltime professional chefs. Sources claim that in the Uttar Pradesh edition, one of the “chefs” could be Digvijay Singh. Star Plus too didn’t rule out this possibility.

“Digvijay Singh is fond of cooking,” Uday Shankar claimed, “Brains, conspiracy theories, and allegations are some of the delicacies he cooks with aplomb. He can judge a cooking show. You shouldn’t be surprised.”

When contacted for comments, Digvijay Singh refused to deny or confirm his participation, but he made it clear that he didn’t like any food that was cooked by RSS hands. He refused to explain what he meant by “RSS hand”.

With assembly elections in the state less than a month away, the announcement has expectedly raised political temperatures. BJP has claimed that the third judge will be Manmohan Singh, who’d taste food and pronounce his judgment by just nodding or shaking his head.

“And guess what, even his silent preferences will be overturned by the chief judge Rahul Gandhi,” BJP alleged and demanded the resignation of Manmohan Singh.

BSP too has criticized the decision, which the party claims is a shameless advertisement of the Congress party and its yuvraaj.

“The Election Commission of India should cover all the television sets in the state so that people are not able to see the show and get fooled into voting for Congress,” BSP leader Satish Chandra Mishra demanded.

Faking News’ attempts to reach Rahul Gandhi for comments failed, but we will try to contact him again by taking part in the game show.