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Rahul Gandhi to train under Mulayam Singh Yadav to deliver a speech which no one can understand

26, Aug 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Germany: Rahul Gandhi’s pit stops in the European powerhouse made plenty of news — for example, he brought up the example of the Islamic State’s formation while accusing the Modi government of excluding minorities from development.

He was seen at a food stall later. Not before giving the trollers some meaty material by the way of a collage taken at the German parliament. But the roof came crashing down when on asked about Doklam, he said that he doesn’t have the details of the issue. This is the same Rahul Gandhi who for last one year has been accusing the govt of playing it softly at Doklam.


The Congress party is really worried that if he keeps giving such speeches,  they may face the same consequences as in 2014. The best way to save embarrassment is obviously by not speaking, but even if Rahul utters some words, it would be better for Congress if people don’t understand those words. And taking a step in this direction, Rahul Gandhi will undergo training under Mulayam Singh Yadav for 1 month to utter words which cannot be understood by people.

Mulayam has given many controversial statements, but none of those statements were ever understood by the media. It was only after the media hired experts to decode his speeches that they were able to understand what Netaji meant to say. Rahul wants the same confidence which makes Mulayam speak on any issue without fearing anyone. And why should he fear when none of the words uttered by him are decoded by the press.