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Rahul Gandhi unmarried due to coalition politics, he had CPM girlfriend

17, Apr 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. One of the best kept secrets of India is out – sources tell Faking News that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has not married due to compulsions of coalition politics. Rahul had a Bengali girlfriend but he couldn’t marry her as her family members were traditional CPM supporters, and any such attempt would have meant Mamata Banerjee ending the coalition with Congress in West Bengal.

“Rahul ji sacrificed his personal choices over public welfare,” a Congress leader from West Bengal told Faking News on conditions of anonymity, “Bidya was a very good girl, but her father and brothers were hardcore CPM supporters.”

Rahul Gandhi
Earlier, there were rumors that Rahul Gandhi had a Columbian girlfriend.

Bidya Bagchi, the alleged Bengali girlfriend of Rahul Gandhi, is now happily married into a CPM family in Kerala, sources inform. She waited for Rahul till as late as 2009, the last general elections.

“When results were announced and left parties faced a huge setback, Bidya asked Rahul one last time if he could marry her,” a source informed, “Rahul is believed to have asked her mother, who in turn decided to have a word with Mamata Didi.”

Mamata’s party Trinamool Congress had appeared as the second largest party in the UPA coalition and her support was crucial to the formation of a Congress-led government at the center.

“Mamata Di asked Sonia ji to choose between bahu (daughter-in-law) and bahumat (majority in the Parliament),” the source revealed.

Sources say that Sonia Gandhi tried her best but Mamata refused to relent. She openly threatened to walk out of UPA if Rahul was married into a CPM family.

“The pressure on Rahul Gandhi was increasing as his much younger cousin Varun Gandhi was also planning to marry a Bengali bride, whom he later married,” the source explained the complex socio-political equations behind the wedding.

Finally, Rahul Gandhi had to bow before Mamata’s diktat and drop his wedding plans to save the UPA-II government.

“Even we didn’t know this fact,” a Congress leader told Faking News when asked for a comment, “The respect for Rahul Baba has grown many times now! He deserves Bharat Ratna!”

However, skeptics in the opposition camp have rubbished the whole story and dubbed it as yet another attempt by Congress to blame its own shortcomings on its allies.