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Rahul Gandhi warned US of rising power of Narnia: WikiLeaks

18, Dec 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. In another major embarrassment for the Congress party and possibly US policymakers too, the latest cables released by WikiLeaks show that Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi had warned an US diplomat over rising might of Narnia, the mythical country depicted in The Chronicles of Narnia, a fantasy novel and movie series for children.

Rahul Gandhi had apparently suggested that while Al Qaida remained a big threat and Osama should be hunted down, USA should not ignore the developments in Narnia and keep an eye over the followers of Aslan, the talking lion who is widely regarded as the creator and lord of Narnia.

The Chronicles of Narnia
Aslan, the mighty lion from Narnia

“If some of our kids can get transported to Narnia through wardrobes and paintings, the Minotaurs and Ogres of Narnia can sneak into our world as well, isn’t it?” Rahul Gandhi is supposed to have told US envoy Timothy Roemer while pointing towards a painting at Manmohan Singh’s residence where they were attending a lunch hosted by the Indian Prime Minister in honor of visiting US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last year.

Mr. Roemer had documented and signed these discussions and dispatched those (cables) to the US Department of State. Faking News undertook an extensive search for terms such as “LOL”, “FML”, “facepalm”, “WTF”, etc. on the leaked cables but couldn’t get any results, which suggests that perhaps even the US diplomat took Rahul’s comments seriously.

“Gandhi asked me if we (USA) had any envoy to Narnia, which we clearly don’t have. I think the State Department could look into this matter,” the US diplomat had mentioned in the cable, further stressing the need to find more about Aslan.

“It sounds like a hostile Muslim name,” the cable noted.

As always, US government has refused to confirm or deny the authenticity of the leaked cables but the revelations have given rise to another political controversy in India with BJP accusing Rahul Gandhi of being “childish” for believing in fantasy stuffs like existence of Land of Narnia.

“This also shows how uprooted Rahul Gandhi is from Indian realities. If he had to believe in some fantasy land, why does he not believe Naugarh and Vijaygarh of Chandrakanta? How unpatriotic!” BJP spokesperson Ravi Shankar Prasad launched a scathing attack on the Congress general secretary.

But Congress has defended Rahul Gandhi’s statement even as no leader was willing to explain it.

“Rahul Gandhi believes in all fantasy lands, be it Narnia or Ayodhya,” was the explanation offered by former Madhya Pradesh CM and senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh, though other Congress leaders dismissed it as his personal opinion.

“How can one doubt Indianness of someone whose father and grandmother laid down their lives for this country? These people have no patriotism left in their blood,” Congress spokesperson Manish Tewary said, defending Rahul Gandhi’s alleged statement and explaining party’s official stand on the issue.

Meanwhile Faking News could talk to Timothy Roemer, who is currently serving as the US ambassador to India. Mr. Roemer confirmed that he indeed had talks about Narnia and Aslan with Rahul Gandhi during that lunch and he was mighty impressed with Gandhi’s knowledge on the issue.

“Gandhi offered me a lot more dope on the issue if I joined him for a dinner at some… what was it… umm… daddy’s… no…. yeah, at some dalit’s house; a chance I’m still waiting for. I look forward to get more information on this Aslan guy,” the US diplomat said.