Rahul Gandhi Windows phone to counter Narendra Modi Android phone

30, Jul 2013 By idiot420

Rahul Gandhi's Widows phone
Exclusive snapshot of YouthG – the smartphone for Rahul Gandhi fans and supporters.

New Delhi. Soon after announcement of SmartNamo Android phone by Narendra Modi supporters, Congress has come up with an idea of a Windows phone dedicated to Rahul Gandhi. It is being called YouthG .

YouthG, to be launched in a couple of months, will some free pre-installed apps like Talking Diggi, Angry Khurshid, Tewari Dictionary, Sibbal Calculator, and one meditation app called MMS. To push up sales, it will be priced a thousand rupees less than speculated price of SmartNamo.

Owners of YouthG phones will be given special benefits and privileges. For example, they won’t need to switch off their phones in flight, or you can talk while driving,” a Congress source revealed, “It will be tax-free and people will also be getting a limited amount as free recharge under government’s Direct Cash Transfer scheme.”

While trade experts believe that both SmartNamo and YouthG could do brisk business, they also predict these tech companies facing “side effects” of linking their products with political parties.

Their fears where confirmed when one of Congress leaders went on to the extent of calling “Android” a communal operating system and claimed that Google search results often showed abusive results.

When Faking News contacted BJP for their views on Congress’ counter attack, a senior leader said, “We are hoping that it goes the traditional Windows way and hangs when people use it.”

“And we are not surprised that after Khidki, Congress again chose Windows. Congress and Microsoft are similar – they enjoy first-mover advantage and are reaping benefits of a brand name,” the leader said confirming the “side effects”.

“We chose Google because we have an edge online, while they chose Microsoft because they have edge offline,” the BJP leader further added.

With technology and politics mixing up, analysts predict Apple being the next in line.

“Apple may choose to go with the Third Front. So don’t get shocked if the Third Front comes up with some phone like iPM using iOS,” an analyst predicted, “After all everyone there is a potential PM candidate, so iPM goes well with the front.”

Meanwhile AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) is planning to come up with a totally different phone. AAP is in contact with an unknown company to come up with some operating system that can counter the drawbacks of all other operating systems.

Insiders and experts say it may take around another 10-15 years to come up with such a perfect product.