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Rahul Gandhi's Thailand trip was an undercover operation to nab Chhota Rajan: Digvijay Singh

27, Oct 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: After news of Chhota Rajan’s arrest was revealed in the media, political parties as usual did not spare any effort in taking credit for the arrest.

Rahul Gandhi all pumped up to nab Dawood now
Rahul Gandhi all pumped up to nab Dawood now

Although, BJP has said that Chhota Rajan’s arrest was due to Modi’s 56 inch chest and 56 trips across the world.

Senior Leader of Congress party, while speaking to the media said that it was Rahul Gandhi’s Thailand trip that eventually led to the arrest of the gangster.

Speaking to Faking News reporter he said, “Most people are not aware of this but Rahul Gandhi’s so called ‘secret vacation’ was actually an undercover operation to nab Chhota Rajan. Our intelligence agencies got specific information that the don was hiding in Indonesia and this was our only chance to nab him. So, we had a special session of Parliament to decide on whom to send for this mission and all parliamentarians unanimously agreed on Rahul Gandhi.”

If sources within the party are to be believed, Rahul Gandhi underwent intensive training for several months for this mission. “Rahul Gandhi’s absence was the Parliamentary discussion was because he was busy with the training session. He used to sleep in the Parliament during the day and at night he used to work out in the gym. If you have seen his speech at FTII, it’s hard to miss his toned muscles,” said Mr. Singh.

Sources also revealed that Rahul Gandhi was adamant that he should be made the Congress President only after he proves his worth. “Now, with the arrest of Chhota Rajan, the road for his elevation is clear. Hopefully, Congress trolls will stop making ‘Chhota Bheem’ jokes on Rahul Baba now,” said Sanjay Jha.

Congress party is also in touch with admin of rahulgandhiachievements.com and asked them to update the page with Rahul’s latest achievement.

Meanwhile, ruling party BJP has rubbished Digvijay Singh’s statement. “Giving Rahul the credit is just too much. Although, we don’t deny that they met in Bangkok because look at the way Chhota Rajan is smiling even after being arrested. Reminds me of Rahul Gandhi’s smile after Congress lost the elections,” said Sambit Patra, spokesperson of BJP.