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Railways to offer six special Free Wi-Fi networks

26, Feb 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Railways Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal has announced that some select trains will see Free Wi-Fi services in the coming days. Our sources have informed us that it indeed was true, and there would be six different Wi-Fi networks that a passenger will be able to connect to.

Following are the six public networks that would be offered. A person can opt to connect to one of the networks depending upon his or her needs and the services the network would offer:

Railways WiFi
The Social Network

Rajiv Gandhi Free Wi-Fi : This will be the most generic offering and will be the one that was announced during the Rail Budget earlier today. After providing his or her credentials, a person will be taken to a ‘Terms & Conditions’ page where he will be asked to click ‘Yes’ or ‘Decline and travel without internet’ to a pledge accepting Shri Rajiv Gandhi as the person who brought laptop, computers, smartphones, etc. to India. After accepting this pledge, a person will be promised high speed internet.

Rahul Gandhi Youth Network : A connection that will pre-load pages such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MTV Roadies, and HD wallpapers of celebrities on your browsing device. The government aims to impress the youth and reinforce the brand positioning of Rahul Gandhi as the Youth Icon of India through this connection. With an eye on the 2014 elections, this will be the default connection offered to a user.

Sibal Safe Link : A connection to this network will come with a guarantee of no arrests under the section 66A of the IT law. The only catch is that whatever you post on websites such as Twitter and Facebook, will be first sent to the office of Kapil Sibal for pre-screening and approval. Once the content is approved, you enjoy seamless online experience. This is being touted as the safest way to travel by Indian Railways.

Secured Secular Connection : If a user chooses to connect to this Wi-Fi network, he would be guaranteed a secular surfing experience. The connection would block access to content that could offend religious sensibilities, especially of the minorities e.g. IMDb page of Vishwaroopam or The Da Vinci Code. When Faking News tested this connection, Gujarat’s government’s official website was also blocked. We were told that it might be a bug, though no one confirmed it.

eNREGA – Surf & Earn : This network could allow a person to earn some money by posting content favorable to the government or the Congress party on social networking websites, especially Twitter. This is part of the 100 crore rupees budget (though being implemented through Rail Budget) that Congress party has decided to spend to fight the war online. Party believes that this step will make sure that they are on the railway right track.

Manmohan Singh Browser : These days some websites use background music or video ads that start playing as soon as the page loads. This becomes very irritating and people are forced to close the webpages. This connection ensures a totally silent web browsing experience. No sounds will be played when you visit a webpage. Obviously, not the best network to choose if you are a music buff.

All of the above connections are secured and accessible with a common password – “madam”.