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A Raja confirms that his new book '2G Saga Unfolds' will be sold on first come first serve basis

12, Jan 2018 By RT

New Delhi. As the news about sensational new book on 2G saga is doing the rounds in mainstream media, A Raja confirms that his new book ‘2G Saga Unfolds’ will be sold on first come first served basis. Like a movie script, the book to feature a villain, a hero and a lot of comedians with elegant supporting actors, it is learnt by Faking News.

“The book is going to be on high demand. I want to bring about good reading habits among commoners in our country. People who had earlier thought our country had lost about one lakh and seventy six thousand crores, will now learn that they have not lost anything, by paying only Rs. 250. The unfolding has been carefully narrated as a thriller novel and people are going to just love this book,” A Raja sounded too confident, talking to Faking News on his upcoming book, expected to top the charts of best sellers.

“People told me to release the book as an e-book, with premium pricing. I have strongly decided that the book will be sold on a first come first served basis. Also, I have decided to sell the book in bulk to a few choice resellers. The first few resellers who approach me will get the books in bulk and they can resell the book in the Indian subcontinent. I strongly deny the rumours that one or more book companies have offered bribes to me to release the books in their favour. I particularly deny the fact that a vegetable and fruit company has transferred 200 thousands as a gift for me to sell the entire first print to them,” A Raja talked about his first come first served policy.

“I am the hero. A certain CAG is the villain. Several comedians are there throughout the movie, including the publisher who once rejected my script and sent me away and finally he himself agreed to release my handy work. The character artists are several too, including a few low profile holders of high profile offices. Twist in the tale comes when the hero comes out of jail to take revenge on the people who had set him up,” he further added on the storyline of the book ‘2G Saga Unfolds’.

A production company has already bought the rights of the book and reserved a title for the movie as ‘A billion idiots’, it is learnt by Faking News.