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Rajesh Garg says he smelled rat when calls were made by AAP in the name of Manmohan Singh

31, Mar 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Former AAP MLA Rajesh Garg who earlier today alleged that he received fake calls in the name of Arun Jaitely and Nitin Gadkari, asking him to support BJP few months back, claims that he smelled rat when one of the callers on the phone identified himself as Manmohan Singh.

As per Garg, after Kejriwal ordered calls to be made to him and other MLAs to show BJP was indulging in horse trading and poaching, he, in order to maintain neutrality, also asked his aide cum loyalist Sanjay Singh to get few fake calls made from Congress representatives as well.

Garg laughed his ass out, when caller identified himself as Manmohan
Garg laughed his ass out, when caller identified himself as Manmohan

But AAP members being AAP members, of all the leaders in Congress, they chose Manmohan’s name, which made Rajesh suspicious and he knew it was a hoax.

“Truth be told, initially I was stunned and honored to be the first person to whom Manmohan sir has chose to speak to. But as the realization dawned, I knew this can’t be true,” the former MLA from Rohini disclosed to the Faking News reporter.

“There was no Theek Hai, no words about Rahul Gandhi ji’s leadership, I mean that’s not the Manmohan this world or I know,” he further argued.

“Also do you really think a person who did open his mouth for 10 years, when he was PM, would do so when he is not one anymore,” he asked.

Rajesh Garg claims that Kejriwal and the caller knew Mahmohan Singh’s persona inside out and just tried to take advantage of that.

“Taking Manmohan’s name was safest option for them, as knowing him really well, even if the news reached his ears, he would do nothing to counter this allegation,” Rajesh Garg explained.