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Rajnath Singh hails Rahul Mahajan’s contribution in elections; thanks him for not joining BJP

20, May 2014 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

New Delhi: As Congress searches for allies to form a secular opposition, BJP on the other hand has started expressing gratitude towards people who contributed immensely to its success. Internal sources reveal that Rahul Mahajan sits atop the list of people whom BJP feels indebted to.

As soon as the trends started pouring in and it became clear that BJP is heading towards majority, BJP president Rajnath Singh paid a visit to Rahul Mahajan at his Mumbai residence to thank him personally for staying away from BJP.

In an exclusive chat with Shaitaan Khopdi™ Singh told, “After losing 2009, we were looking for fresh faces. That’s when Rahul Mahajan walked in like a Knight in shining armor. For a moment we thought that he is our reply to Rahul Gandhi. His name is Rahul, he is from a political family and uske paas Maa bhi hai.”

BJP is indebted to both Rahuls.
BJP is indebted to both Rahuls.

Shaitaan Khopdi™ asked, “But isn’t it promoting dynasty in politics, which is against the very fabric of BJP?” Rajnath was very clear and articulate in his response, “Bhai 2004 aur 2009 ke bad ‘Dhoti faad ke rumaal ho gaya tha… who will care about secular or dynastic fabric? And if you have noticed we never had any problem with the dynasty as such. Our biggest allies Shiv Sena, Akali Dal, Naveen Patnaik and Ram Vilas Paswan have been dynastic in nature.”

So what changed your mind, we asked. “After watching junior Mahajan on various reality TV shows, top leadership got the shock of their life. Yes he has the same firstname, same qualification (Family) but he also had same IQ as Rahul Gandhi. That’s when we decided that opposing dynasty suited our politics better. We had to politely ask him not to join BJP and thankfully he obliged because next season of ‘Jhalak Dikhla Ja’ was going on,” explained Rajnath Singh.

We are also thankful to Jashodaben for giving Mr Modi complete freedom. Imagine if she was living with him, he would have to face questions like “Why you have to fight from two seats? Why can’t you select both seats from Gujarat? Stay away from Smriti Irani and stuff like that.”

Special thank is reserved for Arvind Kejriwal who by deciding to contest against Modi, ensured that other parties remain focused on Varanasi seat. This helped BJP bag 70 out of remaining 79 seats in UP.

Among other eminent people who are most likely to get a thank you note are various SP leaders (Abu Azmi and Azam Khan) who kept people in good humor by cracking secular jokes whenever things started getting NaMo-tonous with development related talks.