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Rajnath Singh's car stuck in Bangalore traffic, traffic constable calls it Bangaloriyat

23, Jul 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Bangalore: Rajnath Singh on Wednesday got taste of his own medicine when a traffic constable told frustrated Rajnath Singh that it’s not traffic but Bangloriyat. Rajnath Singh got frustrated after his car didn’t move an inch for almost an hour, he lowered the window glass and asked the constable at duty “What is this?”, to which constable immediately replied “It’s Bangaloriyat”.


Home Minister, Rajnath Singh soon after the terror attack on Amarnath Yatris condemned the attack and quote an users tweet saying Not all Kashmiri people are terrorists, Kashmiriyat is still very much alive.

Mixed reactions were seen among people People on Rajnath Singh’s remark.

Faking News reporter spoke to traffic constable Krishna Trimurti, Krishna said “I too was disturbed by Home Minister’s remark, how could he be so ignorant of Kashmir’s current situation. Hence, I decided to give him the taste of his own medicine”.

ACP Bhanu Yedurappa defended his Trimurti’s act and said “I stand with Krishna for whatever he did. He wasn’t wrong at all as standing for hours in traffic is what Bangalore is now known for. It’s good that he finally gave it a name “Bangaloriyat”

Rajnath Singh has always been a bait for trollers but this is probably the first time when someone gave him a perfect reply. It’s time Ministers learn who deserves a befitting reply? Pakistan for sponsoring terrorists or Trolls who ask genuine questions?