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Rajnikanth agreed to recognise the Election Commission of India on the day of his political party announcement

23, May 2017 By RT

Chennai. Super star Rajnikanth, in recent times, has been meeting his fans to check the pulse of the state on entering politics. As is his inimitable style, he has agreed to recognize the Election Commission of India on the day of announcing his brand-new political party, it is learnt by Faking News.

A few Rajnikanth fans claim that the Election Commission was founded on 25th Jan 1950, for the government body to be ready for welcoming their supreme leader on 12th Dec 1950, it is also learnt by Faking News. Amazed by the new learning, when our reporter asked a die-hard fan about the abundant Rajnikanth jokes in the internet, he laughed out loud and narrated a story.

“Will tell you a real life incident! A few of us visited Rajni Sir’s home to seek his blessings. Rajni sir appeared like lightning in front of us and right then we realized the thing about him and the lightning is true. There was a TV on and an English movie Twister something was running but nothing could disturb our focus on the star. Not even the reflection of the TV on the glass doors of the living room,” he said.

Our dialogue began and Rajni sir mostly listened to us and spoke very briefly in between. However, once in about 3 to 5 minutes he was saying ‘infinity’. In two hours, he would have said this too many times, we lost count. Later when we read in the net that ‘Rajni can count up to infinity twice’, we knew that the observer spent only less than 10 minutes with our Thalaivar.

“And the other thing. Sir is so simple. He does not wear a watch. Several times, his personal assistant intervened our conversation with questions to sir. Thalaivar always told him the definitive replies: tea time, lunch time and sleeping time etc. Somebody noticed this too and wrote that ‘Rajni does not wear a watch. He decides what time it is,” the fan said with affirmation.

“At the end of two hours, he changed the movie to a cartoon channel and finally switched everything off and left. The place became so dead. I guess on these observations also two facts were recorded that ‘Rajni can kill a living room’ and ‘Once a tornado came in his way and seeing him, it changed course’; they are mistaken. Rajni changed the course of a tornado in one button click by changing the movie channel running Twister to a cartoon channel. These things you are calling as jokes? You must be kidding. These are facts. Only a blessed few had witnessed these rare acts live and in person,” the fan completed the narration.

Faking News reporter took leave from there wondering what will happen to the EVM when the Election Commission asks Rajnikanth to tamper it with.