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Rajnikanth to announce the first letter of his new party's name for 2018; to announce the next letters, one by one in the coming years

31, Dec 2017 By RT

Chennai. In a sensational statement on 31st of December, superstar Rajnikanth has announced the first letter of his new political party’s name. The first letter coincidentally is R. The political pundits predict a sweeping victory for the R party in the future elections. R signifies  Runaway success, one of them commented to Faking News.


“For 3 generations, our family has been superstar fans. For 3 generations, we have waited for our Thalaivar to announce his political entry and we are prepared to wait for 1 more generation. Even Ronald Reagan didn’t have as much charisma as our eternal superstar. The 2.0 will not be just a next version of robot. 2.0 is the next version of Indian cinema” an ardent fan of the blockbuster living legend told Faking News.

“For every new year, we now will wait for that one letter from the Thalaivar. What does the world think of our leader? The entry will always be very dramatic. When my grandson hears the last letter of the party, I will rest in peace in heaven, that the state of Tamilnadu is in good hands. As far Thalaivar, he is eternal. He would have probably finished 10.0 starring opposite Deepika Padukone’s grand daughter” another ardent fan told Faking News.

“Rajni sir has nothing left to prove to anyone. But, to shut up the Tamil fanatics, he will also add new script to the language, a letter by letter. When he is done with enriching the language, we will have new words in Tamil to praise him” a diehard fan told our reporter.

When our reporter had managed to reach upto the superstar as a fan, “If I say one letter, that is equivalent to 100 letters; hahaha” the Rajnikanth laughed out loud, the only other living legend to have the ‘The’ prefix to his name after the Dalai Lama.