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Rajya Sabha to introduce 'Swamy Hour' for MPs to outrage and fight over Subramanian Swamy's comments

16, May 2016 By Ajayendar Reddy

New Delhi: Fed up with Rajya Sabha MPs incessantly outraging over one or the other comment/act of the newest member of the house Subramanian Swamy, Rajya Sabha Chairman Hamid Ansari has today announced the introduction of ‘Swamy Hour’ to Rajya Sabha’s proceedings.

1 hour to discuss me, full 1 hour

This ‘Swamy Hour’ will be part of the house proceedings from next session onwards.

This will precede the Zero Hour in Rajya Sabha and will begin at 10AM. The ‘Swamy Hour’ will exclusively be for the MPs to raise issues, slam tables, charge the well of the house or do whatever they want in reaction to Swamy’s comments or acts.

“This was the only solution. First the opposition MPs ran into the well of the house, then they got the house adjourned, then they wanted Privilege Motion against Swamy, then they wanted to even have Short Duration Discussion on even his comments on RBI Governor Rajan, tomorrow they will ask for discussion on his hairdye or his dogs. That’s when Deputy Chairman Kurien suggested this brilliant idea of Swamy Hour, “said a visibly exasperated Rajya Sabha chairman Hamid Ansari.

All comments/actions during ‘Swamy Hour’ will be deemed expunged, in line with most of Swamy’s comments in Rajya Sabha during his first few days getting expunged.

Industry experts say that the viewership ratings of Swamy Hour are expected to be off-the-charts. However, this isn’t expected to attract many children as Chairman Ansari strictly forbade any form of physical violence during the Swamy Hour.

When reached for a comment, Subramanian Swamy said, “They can have Swamy Hour if they want. I am not bothered. But what we really need is ‘Sonia Hour’ to discuss all the scams committed during UPA rule.” This immediately set the cat among the pigeons in Congress camp and they got into a huddle to strategize for the most severe attack on Swamy during the first Swamy Hour.