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Ramdev not worried about being beheaded, claims his brain is in knees

06, May 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. If reports from Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Yogpeeth in Haridwar are to be believed, Baba is totally unfazed by the bounty of 1 crore announced on his head by a Bahujan Samaj Party candidate Bhagwan Singh Chauhan.

The BSP candidate from Agra Mental Hospital Hoshiarpur constituency had yesterday declared a reward on one crore rupees for beheading the yoga guru over his alleged anti-dalit remarks, following which Baba asked his followers and fans to maintain calm and assured them beheading is not going to harm him much.

Baba Ramdev aasan
The aasan that people believe has made this biologically impossible thing possible.

Baba doesn’t fear anyone chopping off his head now and has even requested police and administration to not panic and not worry about deploying extra security forces for him.

As per the yoga guru, he has successfully shifted his brains from its original position in head to knees over the years. And therefore any attempt to behead him can not make him brain dead or clinically dead.

“It will be painful, like a person losing his limbs in an accident, but he still remains alive as his brain is functioning,” explained Baba’s close aide.

“After lot of hard work, dedication, and rigorous meditation, Baba has now managed to come in a position where his brains have now safely relocated to knees,” claimed another close aide of baba.

“His recent statements are the biggest proof of that,” he added, “Which person with his brains in right place would dare say those?”

Baba himself credited the complicated aasans that he performs on daily basis as the factor responsible for this complete overhaul in the natural biological placement of organs in his body.

“The other day I was having stomach ache but I found myself touching my hips, which made me realized that maybe my stomach too has relocated,” Baba revealed.

Meanwhile people close to him are now trying to find if these aasans have resulted in some other changes in his body too and wondering if he has his foot inside his mouth too.