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Rape survivors request UP govt to show same sympathy as they show towards rapists

04, Jun 2014 By indianpsycho

Aligarh. After a spate of rape cases in Uttar Pradesh, the latest being rape of a women judge in the city, rape survivors whose lives were spared by the criminals, have appealed to the UP government to show same level of sympathy and concern towards them as is shown by them towards the rapists.

Arguing that Samajwadi Party leaders are not as malevolent and inhumane as they are made out to be, the survivors urged them to use their benevolence and humanity at the right place and for the right causes.

The father-son duo laughing off such appeals.
The father-son duo laughing off such appeals.

“Look at Mulayam ji’s concern for rapists and how strongly he defended and batted for them during elections; he surely can’t be that cruel and shameless,” one of the signatories of the appeal pointed out.

“If Mulayam Singh and Azam Khan could be half as compassionate towards us as they are towards rapists and buffaloes respectively, our lives would be much better and safe,” the signatory claimed.

The signatories further claimed that they may be a minority at present in comparison to rapists and molesters at large in the state, but their population has been rising thanks to the law and order situation in the state.

“If numbers are all that matters to the leaders, we have them in plenty. We don’t even ask for jobs, development, etc. All we need is protection and some mercy,” a rape survivor cited some demographic trends, hoping to fetch Samajwadi Party supremo’s attention.

While the appeal has been backed by many, UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has accused these survivors of being sensationalist and ignorant.

“They should google about rape survivors in other states of India and other parts of the world. No special treatment can be given to them,” Akhilesh showcased his higher education, which strengthened his knowledge on internet and international issues.

Sources say that some of the rape survivors did search for “compassion” on Google, and the result was: “The results are blocked in your region by authorities.”