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RBI clerk counting money deposited during demonetisation confused whether he was at 12,654 Crores or 14,652 Crores

06, Jun 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: While the rest of the country has moved on after the demonetisation shock late last year, life has stood still for 30 yrs old Anuj Kumar. Anuj is the RBI clerk who was asked to physically count all the notes deposited in the banks in old currency notes during demonetisation. Since 1st January 2017, Anuj spends 12 hrs a day counting notes, notes, and more notes. However, he has hit a bump, and may have to start counting again from the beginning. Anuj is confused whether his counting had reached 12,654 Crores or 14,652 Crores and looks like the only way out is to start from 1.

1000 Rupee
!000 Rupee note- You remember?

Speaking to Faking News about his problem, Anuj said , “I had clear instructions that I must get the amount deposited during demonetisation absolutely right. There was no deadline given to me to finish this task. In fact, I was told that it is preferable if I donˈt finish counting till May 2019. Accuracy was the only crucial thing here but now with my confusion, I fear I am going to make a mistake. Only option is to start the entire counting process again.”

When asked how did he get confused, Anuj said ,”It is all Hardik Pandyaˈs fault. I was working overtime that Sunday and was following the match on Radio. As Pandya hit those 3 back to back 6s, I started dancing and kept shouting SIX……SIX…….SIX. When I calmed down after 5 minutes and returned to counting, my mind kept repeating 6 only and I forgot about all the other numbers. After thinking long and hard, I have narrowed down the possibilities to these 2 numbers, 12,654 Crores or 14,652 Crores. However, since I cant be sure, only solution is to start from 1.”

Reacting to this development, a senior official at the finance ministry said ,”Oh, someone is still counting? Desh bhool gaya yaar, use bolo wo bhi bhool jaaye.”