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Reactions to Prime Minister's speech at UN General Assembly

30, Sep 2013 By nandakumar

New Delhi. On Saturday, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh delivered a speech at the 68th United Nations General Assembly in New York, USA. Sources confirm that the speech went by the script, but it couldn’t create much news as the domestic politics was busy with other issues.

However, Faking News got in touch with a few Congress leaders to get their reactions on PM’s speech.

Dr. Manmohan Singh
The Prime Minister’s Speech

This Reporter: You are one of the most seen spokespersons of the party. What’s your view on PM’s speech at UN?

That Jha: Let me tell that the entire nation is unimpressed with Modi’s speeches. He only talks about himself and nothing else.

Reporter: Sanjay, please answer my question.

Jha: I am coming to that. When Vajpayee spoke in Hindi in the UN, no one understood what he spoke. He was not…

Reporter: Sanjay, can you come to the point?

Jha: Yes, Yes. This was the finest speech I ever heard in my life. In fact, it is even better than some of my speeches, which are usually the best.

Chidamabaram: When Vajpayee spoke he devoted only 6 minutes on Pakistan whereas the UPA under the able guidance of UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi ji saw to it that MMS spoke for 8.3 minutes on Pakistan, which shows the Congress is more inclusive than the BJP.

Kapil Sibal: On a scale of 0 to 10, it is Zero for Modi and 10 for MMS.

Shashi Tharoor: I am sure the main opposition party is unambiguously ruminating the exhortation of our Honorable PM made about our secular neighbor.

Manish Tewari tweeted the same thing as told by Tharoor, with a few spelling mistakes.

Ajay Maken: It was a brilliant speech. (goes out on a phone call and comes back). Please wait. Rahul Gandhi ji will make a surprise entry and make a surprise announcement.

Rahul Gandhi: Now I will give you my opinion. My opinion is that the speech is absolute nonsense. The return ticket and passport of MMS should torn and thrown away. I admit that our Government has made a big mistake by asking MMS to speak. It is wrong on our part to have done this. I repeat, wrong on our part to have done this. (says thank you, stands up, and walks away)

Ajay Maken: Now I give you my opinion. My opinion is always the party’s opinion which is Rahul ki’s opinion which is same as Sonia ji’s opinion. This shows that the Congress is a democratic party where everyone is free to think what they want before Rahul ji speaks and then in one voice speak what Rahul ji spoke which is what the party speaks.

Sanjay, PC, Kapil, Shashi, (and all others): Yes. Yes. We are unanimous on this.

Ranjit Sinha: And the SC calls me a caged parrot!