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Real Gujarat is nowhere close to what I saw on Facebook: Kejriwal

07, Mar 2014 By idiot420

Ahmedabad. Arvind Kejriwal, who reached Gujarat to verify the pictures of Modi ruled state that he saw on Facebook, was hugely disappointed when he found a decent looking Indian metro city instead of New York.

“All of Modi claims are false, there is no development at all in Gujarat. Yesterday, I spent 8 hours of my free time searching for Manhattan in Ahmedabad, where is it? There were only 14-15 storied buildings, not even a single 101 storied building was there. Yahi to scam hai, isi ki to jaanch karni hai,” asserted a disheartened Kejriwal.

Underdeveloped city

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader and former Chief Minister further claimed that he was shocked to see even weather of Gujarat much different from that of New York.

“It’s freezing cold in New York, so I had brought my muffler with me. But surprisingly, temperature here is 32 degrees. Dhokha hua ji aam aadmi ke saath,” Arvind told Faking News.

One of the AAP members, who is accompanying Kejriwal on Gujarat trip, says that like any other common man, AAP chief is also a firm believer of whatever he sees on internet.

“Of late, he has relied upon Facebook and Twitter to gather corruption proofs against top corporate bigwigs and politicians,” the AAP member revealed.

Reportedly, while roaming around in a remote part of Gujarat, Kejriwal thought to take rest on a footpath of a 4 lane highway and he sat down there in full view of media persons.

But to his surprise, some dirt stuck to his trousers exposing the hollow truth of world class road and infrastructure pasted on Facebook by Modi supporters.

Later, he visited a nearby village and found a household using 60 watt tungsten bulb. “That villager wasn’t rich enough to buy a philips CFL. Such widespread poverty turned out to be the final blow which broke Kejriwal’s patience,” disclosed an AAP insider.

Soon after that, Kejriwal declared Modi’s Gujarat model flawed.

Meanwhile, after hearing Kejriwal’s startling revelation that Gujarat was not as developed as US, Congress VP Rahul Gandhi has cancelled his holiday trip to Ahmedabad.