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Rejecting the invite for a debate, Kiran Bedi challenges Arvind Kejriwal for a race

22, Jan 2015 By manithan

New Delhi: Ever since Kejriwal called Kiran Bedi for a debate and she replied she would do so on floor of the house, critics have been slamming her.

To add fuel to the fire, she left the Arnab’s den or rather ran away from Newshour studio before Arnab turned into a Hulk. This paved way for the term ‘Bhagoda’ to be extended from Kejriwal to Bedi also and she was mocked as ‘I-run’ woman. But, the AAP fans are now shocked with Kiran using it as political masterstroke and challenging Kejriwal for running.

Throwing the challenge at Kejriwal on Twitter, Bedi has asked him for a race from 10 Janpath Road to 7 Race Course Road. Kejriwal, who was shocked by the challenge has been forced by many of his supporters to accept this challenge as they are confident of his ‘running’ skills.

Bedi and Kejriwal looking at Maken and asking
Bedi and Kejriwal looking at Ajay Maken and asking “Aapko kisne bulaya race ke liye?”

The date has been set for after Obama leaves Delhi so that there will not be much traffic restriction then. Security experts were relieved after the date announcement, because they were scared that AAP supporters might ruin all their arrangements for Obama’s visit.

We met with an expert to have some clarifications on this peculiar challenge. She said, “This is a political masterstroke from Kiran Bedi. She is a trained police officer and even in this age, due to her strict exercise and dietary regimen, she can run without losing much stamina. But, on the other side, Kejriwal has seasonal cough and he can easily catch illness when exposed to the chills of Delhi air. That is why, he is always seen sporting muffler during winters. This muffler will be heavy load when he runs and will impede his momentum. All in all, this can be a sureshot victory for Bedi ma’am, but her supporters should not keep Modi’s posters in her track. Or else, she will stop wherever she sees one poster and start admiring the beautiful face.

When asked over the relationship between politics and running, she added, “See, Kejriwal is a known runner. He ran away from Janata Darbar, ran away from CM post, ran away from egg-stone-ink throwers. So, this politics has made him more an athletic than an anarchist. Bedi is a police officer and she has ran behind rioters during her service. If one could prove that they can run fully taking care of their energy levels without being distracted, they can claim that they can run the government too successfully. If you can run in the roads, why can’t you run the roads?”

Meanwhile, sources close to Kejriwal revealed that, he is planning to stop in the starting point itself and claim that “Congress -BJP bhai bhai ji, so 10 Janpath is same as 7 RCR and hence I won the race.”‘