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Removing Article 370 will cause earthquakes separating Kashmir from India: Omar Abdullah

28, May 2014 By idiot420

Srinagar. Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has made a sensational revelation that removing Article 370 might cause sudden movement of tectonic plates in the region resulting into separation of Kashmir from India.

As per Omar, this was a hidden secret, but the intentions of the NDA government led by BJP compelled him to make it public.

Omar Abdullah
Holy warrior

“We first came to know about this prophecy after one of my forefathers found a secret quote written on a piece of stone in a remote area of Kashmir, which read, ‘Three seventus removam, dhartis fatam, Kashmirus separatum‘. Back then, 370 was not even in existence,” claimed Omar Abdullah while addressing a press conference.

Omar further revealed that the stone had been with his family for centuries. His forefathers showed it to many alchemists, astrologers, and jewelers alike, but none of them could find anything special about the stone.

“But we knew that we were not holding on to something ordinary and worthless,” the Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir said, “Once India got independence and Pakistan invaded Kashmir, we realized how precious our possession was.”

Omar claimed that once Article 370 was introduced in the constitution of India, the prophecy written on the stone became clear, and at the same time it became clear that Omar’s family was the chosen one to protect this article and the stone.

The young Abdullah also claimed that a mysterious mark had automatically appeared on the left arm of his forefather who found the secret stone. He claimed that this mark was being passed from generation to generation. Omar even rolled up his sleeve and showed the special mark to prove that he was one of the secret protector of Article 370.

While many appear convinced with Omar’s assertion, others have failed to understand how could removing a man made constitutional provision could possibly alter natural terrain.

“Some things are beyond human understanding, just like Article 370. So better not to talk about them, otherwise who knows, Kashmir might get separated not only from India, but from the whole world. We should not mess with the nature,” Farooq Abdullah explained to Faking News.