Resorts in Goa already booked by Congress and JDS to protect future MLAs from Amit Shah

04, May 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Panjim: Voting for Karnataka elections is yet to take place but Congress and Janata Dal (Secular) have already started preparing for post-results scenario. Several resorts in neighboring Goa have already been booked by these parties to hide their MLAs in case of a hung assembly. The idea is to stop Amit Shah from poaching them and forming a BJP Government in such a scenario. A number of resorts have been booked to make sure Amit Shah and BJP top brass don’t figure out the exact location where MLAs are kept before government formation.

Confirming the news, a Karnataka Congress leader said,” We don’t want a repeat of Goa or Manipur or Meghalaya where we emerge as the single largest party only for BJP to put together enough MLAs to form the government. We are confident that we will get majority on our own but even if we don’t, it is good to be prepared for any eventuality. Hiding the MLAs worked for us during Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections and we are going to do the same this time. Since the stakes are higher, we don’t even want Amit Shah to find out the location where our MLAs will be hiding so we have booked several resorts and MLAs will be kept in any one of those.”

Hoteliers in Goa are very happy with this development as number of tourists decreases significantly during the peak summer months of May and June but now thanks to political tourism, several resorts have been booked for weeks in advance.

Reacting to this step by Congress, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said,” In case there is a hung assembly, we know what we have to do. Even if Congress hides their MLAs at the bottom of the potholes in Bengaluru roads, we will find them and get them to support a BJP government.”