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Restaurant called Third Front launched for people who just can’t decide what to order

12, Jun 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Taking inspiration from politicians who can’t decide between Congress and BJP, a restaurant called “Third Front” has been launched for people who can’t decide between a Tandoori chicken and Barbeque chicken.

“Every restaurant gets frustrated with customers who take hours to place their order. They keep discussing among themselves – aaj Mexican try karte hain, Thai try karein kya – and finally order Hakka noodles or Paav Bhaaji,” Nitish Patnaik, chef of newly launched Third Front told Faking News.

Third Front
Logo of Third Front – promoters claim that there are two V’s visible, hence double victory assured.

“Sometimes they even ask for details of the recipe as if that’d help them decide,” the chef further revealed, “Once I tried to explain difference between cauliflower and broccoli, but it was like explaining difference between Tamil and Telugu to a Haryanvi. Just not worth it!”

“They are fundamentally confused and indecisive, and end up wasting time for everyone. It’s better if they come together at one place,” Nitish explained the rationale for Third Front, the restaurant.

The restaurant won’t have any menu at all. The customers will be just asked “veg or non-veg?” and they will be given something to eat.

“We will not let our customers feel insignificant, and hence all of them would be given ‘reserved’ tables – akin to a ‘special status’ in a normal restaurant,” disclosed Mita Banerjee, the manager of Third Front.

While the promoters of Third Front are hopeful of grand success and profitability of their venture, not many are convinced.

“Confusion is good, but it’s good to keep the customers confused rather than appear confused,” claimed Maya Yadav, promoter of a leading restaurant chain in Uttar Pradesh.