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Rising intolerance in India causes huge drop in inflow of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants

01, Dec 2015 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Kolkata: Rising intolerance has claimed its first victim. It’s not FDI or ‘Make in India’ (not yet). According to the report published in a Bangladeshi daily, number of Bangladeshi immigrants crossing the border illegally, has slowed down for the first time in last 10 years.

No use putting a fence. They are not coming anyway
No use putting a fence. They are not coming anyway.

Experts tell that rapid rise in religious intolerance in India is the main reason why the immigrants have dropped their plans to enter India.

While opposition parties and media are not sure how to use this news to their advantage, BJP has decided to showcase this as one of the achievements of 18 months of Modi government along with increase in FDI and decrease in inflation and scams.

The issue came to light when West Bengal authorities noticed a drop of almost 10K in the number of Aadhar card enrollments during last quarter.

Indian intelligence agency RAW immediately alerted Bangladesh home minister suspecting that these missing youth might have joined ISIS. But Bangladesh home minister assured RAW that it was not possible, since even ISIS considers Bangladeshis good for nothing.

Aakar Patel, in a column written for TOI slammed the Modi government for being unable to protect the rights of illegal immigrants which are mostly from minority community.

He said, “The Bangladeshi migrants running away from poverty and oppression in their country are feeling insecure about living in India. Hindutva hotheads regularly issuing statements about ‘Beef’ are forcing poor Bangladeshis to reconsider their decision. What other evidence you need to prove that the intolerance is growing in this country?”

Shakib, a Bangladeshi youth who recently cancelled his plan to cross the border informed Shaitaan Khopdi™ why he made the decision.

“My wife got scared after reading the Indian newspapers. She didn’t want our kid to grow up in an intolerant country. Every day there are at least 4-5 Op-Eds and columns about rising intolerance and diminishing FoE. Yesterday we heard that people were down voting Snapdeal App to protest against Aamir Khan. See how brutally people are targeted for voicing their opinion in your country,” he said.

Shaitaan Khopdi™ reminded Shakib about Bangladeshi people down voting Bollywood movie ‘Gunday’ to make it a worst rated Bollywood movie on IMDB.

Shakib justified the act by saying, “That cannot be termed as intolerance. The movie humiliated my countrymen, and no self-respecting person can digest such insult.”