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Robert Vadra blames fast food for his deals with DLF

16, Oct 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Gurgaon. After being blamed by Khap Panchayat for incidents of rape in Haryana, “fast food” has been blamed for corruption by Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi, who is facing heat for his business deals with the real estate company DLF.

“I think Khaps are right, fast food like chowmein causes hormonal disturbances and incites people to indulge in wrongdoings,” Vadra said in an exclusive interview to Faking News, “I love noodles and fast food, and maybe that caused some bad business deals between me and DLF.”

Robert Vadra eating chowmein
Vadra claimed that he was innocent and honest but noodles might have done something wrong

While Vadra refused to accept that there was any corruption involved in his deals with DLF, he demanded that the government should form a committee to find out how much of corruption in the country was due to fast food.

“Elders from Khap Panchayats can be involved and we must launch a war on chowmein so that our country is crime and corruption free,” Vadra suggested.

“People wrongly blame my family, I mean my wife’s family, for corruption in this country. It’s the fast food that must be blamed, not us,” he added.

Vadra’s statements have been welcomed by Khap and Congress leaders, who gave a clean cheat to Robert Vadra in the rape DLF case.

“Our government respects the sentiments of Khap Panchayat and Mr. Robert Vadra and we are trying to find if chowmein is a kind of biological weapon that China has unleashed on us,” Congress spokesman Manish Tewari said.

Experts believe that the government might blame China for rising incidents of crimes in Haryana and cases of corruption in the country. War hysteria could be created so that people forget the scams and silly statements by various leaders, experts warn.

“They are already working on a song titled ‘Blame China’ that will be aired on all TV channels after the Bharat Nirman ads,” a source claimed.

“If there are any diplomatic issues in blaming China, the government might just blame the chowmein, as chowmein can’t speak for itself and will not join any anti-corruption movement that prides itself on hunger strikes,” the source added.