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Robert Vadra to join Anna’s latest fast to improve his image

10, Dec 2013 By indianpsycho

Gurgaon. Since all the earlier celebrities, who joined his fast two years ago, have now become AAP supporters, the private celebrity citizen Robert Vadra has decided to join Anna Hazare in his latest fast demanding Jan Lokpal Bill.

Vadra, unfairly targeted for becoming rich even though he had all the rights to given his family connections, aims to improve his public image and win public support.

Robert Vadra
The next politician is born?

The small farmer took this decision after witnessing Congress rout in 4 states in the recently concluded assembly elections. Later he saw his brother-in-law claiming that he was willing to learn from AAP, and that alerted him.

“Did it mean that even Rahul Gandhi was going to organize press conferences and attack Vadra, while giving a clean chit to the rest of the family?” a close aide of Vadra told Faking News why the talented entrepreneur was worried.

To secure his personal future and wealth, Vadra decided that he would too learn from AAP and declared his support for Anna Hazare.

“AAP has declared that their next target would be Haryana, where they are wooing IAS officer Ashok Khemka to join them. Vadra is getting ready for the challenge,” Vadra’s aide explained, “He is learning from Kejriwal and planning to gain from Anna’s goodwill.”

As part of this strategy, Robert Vadra will soon fly to Ralegan Siddhi to join Anna. He has even offered to build a grand DLF Mall in Ralegan Siddhi if the clauses of Jan Lokpal Bill are modified to exclude him, just like he’s excluded from security checks at airports.

“I think he will announce formation of Khas Aadmi Party at the end of this fast by Anna and fight elections in Haryana against Aam Aadmi Party. While AAP can get some urban votes, rural votes will surely go to Vadra because his party will be called KHAP,” a political expert claimed.