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RSS abandons Khaki Knickers, Rahul’s team claims moral victory

08, Mar 2016 By shreyash

New Delhi: In what could be termed as another feather in the cap for Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi, RSS has decided to forego conservative khaki knickers in favour of modern age trousers. The Gandhi scion, who has a fine history of solving complex problems faced by today’s society with his wit and sarcasm has already claimed a victory of sorts against RSS.

As per sources, this image played a major role in dress change
As per sources, this image played a major role in RSS decision

A couple of years back when the world was tormented with Narendra Modi’s suits and could not take it any longer, aggrieved parties formed a committee and approached Rahul Gandhi for a solution. Rahulji, always sympathetic towards social causes took up an analytical approach towards the problem. He valuated cost of the suit to be INR 10 lakhs and criticized PM for the same. This incident left such a deep scar on Modi’s psyche that he has never worn a suit since that day as explained by Rahul Gandhi himself. Thus the universe was spared from Narendra Modi’s suits and a major catastrophe was avoided.

In recent times, Rahulji has guided his followers to throw jibes at RSS using the term ‘Khaki Chaddi’. His efforts have borne fruit now as RSS finally decides to revist their dress code. Full length trousers as opposed to short pantswill have a trickle-down effect on Indian manufacturing and low-skilled labour economy, explained a Congress mouthpiece. Rahulji, donning his analytical cap again has predicted the multiplying effect to be in the range of 2-3 percentage points of India’s GDP. This is expected to be 3 -4 times more than ‘fair and lovely’ money recovered by Arun Jaitley over the next 3 years.

“Politics is in your shirts, politics is in your pants. We have already taken away their half pants, now we will take away their pants and shirts as well”, claimed congress critic turned apologist Mr. Jha victoriously.