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RTI activist files RTI to find whereabouts of RTI discoverer Rahul Gandhi

09, Mar 2015 By manithan

Pune. Famous RTI activist Thescene Lonawala has filed RTI to find the whereabouts of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. It is to be noted that this is the first time in the history of the world that a person’s discovery has been used to discover him.

Right To Information (RTI) was reportedly discovered by Rahul Gandhi, as stated by Rahul Gandhi in Rahul Gandhi’s interview with Arnab Goswami last year. Rahul Gandhi has also credited with discovering Women Empowerment after that historic interview.

Obama and Rahul Gandhi
Meanwhile, Michelle Obama has started an online campaign #BringBackRahulGandhi . White House is reportedly anxious of the whereabout of Rahul.

In that interview, Rahul Gandhi had elaborated how Rahul Gandhi worked hard to bring RTI into India. And now, that discovery of Rahul Gandhi is being used by one RTI activist from here to find about his whereabouts, after Rahul Gandhi disappeared out of thick polluted air of Delhi.

Speaking to Faking News, Thescene Lonawala said, “We were too much worried about the condition of our Rahul baba. My family always voted for Congress. I’m a big Congress fan and I’m shocked to find out that the future of Congress has been missing for the past few days.”

“This is an insult to democracy and BJP should answer for this,” he added, “Whatever be the conspiracy behind his disappearance, I’m determined to find out where he is and meet him and urge him to come back to save our country from corrupt communal forces. I have arranged everything for the trip, only thing I need to know is his location.”

Lonawala continued, “That is where I found out the utility of RTI. Recently, some activist have used RTI to find out whether Modi sold tea or not. And he successfully found out that it was another lie by BJP. If RTI can find out whether some teenager sold tea in a railway station 50 years back, then it can definitely reveal where our beloved Rahul ji is. It is highly possible! That is why, I filed RTI to know whereabouts of Rahulji. As soon as I get his location, I will find him and plead to him to return as the king.”

Hearing this news, many Congress leaders cheered Lonawala and one such leader said that ‘Congress is proud to have been remembered by someone’.