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RTI filed to know names of those 14% people in TOI survey who still want Rahul Gandhi as PM

10, Jan 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Shocked by results of the recent survey conducted by TOI across 8 metro cities in India where a staggering 14% of people still think Rahul Gandhi would be best suited for Prime Ministerial position, an activist group from capital yesterday filed an RTI to know the names of those people.

The group said they wanted to make sure the results of survey were not fudged and were not unfairly favoring any particular party or candidate.

Rahul Gandhi joke
Rahul’s response when asked what percentage of people will he ensure vote for him by elections.

According to the group at a point when even Congress is not sure if it should project Rahul Gandhi as their PM candidate or go for Arvind Kejriwal Priyanka or somebody else instead, it was baffling for them to see people still seeing some hope in the Gandhi scion.

“Are these guys aliens who have just landed in India or blind like supporters of a self declared honest party?” a member of the group wondered.

The group further wanted to clear their doubts if the participants were drunk or were just pulling Rahul Gandhi’s leg just the way Manmohan Singh does when he time and again says he wants to work under Rahul’s leadership.

“And since nobody is going to admit as it carries risk of being labelled dumb and being outcast from the society, we had to choose this route,” the memeber further explained.

While the findings are still being collated, whatever little the group shared with Faking News points at a larger conspiracy.

According to findings, senior party members Rajiv Shukla, Digvijay Singh and Salman Khurshid are among few others whose name has been found to be among those who voted for Rahul. But what is more shocking is that these guys were able to vote from 6 out 8 cities surveyed.

On further investigating it was found that Congress high command had the itinerary of the places and timing where survey was going to be held beforehand and had accordingly asked its members to be on high alert and make their presence felt wherever possible.

Following the orders those 3 leaders decided to take up the challenge on a war footing.

As per sources after voting for Rahul Gandhi in Delhi, Rajiv Shukla took a flight to Mumbai voted for him there, then took a bus to reach Pune, voted there, then flew down to Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai to express his opinion.

Similarly other leaders also disguised their look and planned their day.

Later Faking News tried to reach Rajiv Shukla at AIIMS hospital where he was forcefully admitted after signs of severe exhaustion and is now on a glucose drip.

He was furious as doctors didn’t let him cover Hyderabad and Ahmedabad which severely impacted the outcome in those cities with meager 8% and 5% wanting Rahul as PM.

“My life is not more important than Rahul Gandhi ji,” he was constantly saying.

However Congress high command is shocked how could details related to a private survey done by TOI come under RTI and get leaked.