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To compensate for boycott by India, Bangladesh and Bhutan, Pakistan invites ISIS, Al Qaeda and Taliban for SAARC summit

28, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Islamabad: After India, Bangladesh and Bhutan decided to withdraw from the SAARC summit in Islamabad, Pakistan has decided to invite 3 other friendly entities to make up the numbers at the summit. ISIS, Al Qaeda and Taliban, all have been invited to the summit scheduled to be held in November.

SAARC summit to have some new members?

While Indian PM Narendra Modi refused to travel to Pakistan after the recent terror attack in Uri, Bangladesh and Bhutan also decided to withdraw from the summit unless Pakistan clamps down on the terrorism originating from the country. However, Pakistan has assured everyone that this won’t affect the summit and it will be held as scheduled.

“In a way it is good that these hostile countries aren’t coming to Pakistan. SAARC summit is for increased cooperation among member countries and there can’t be any cooperation with countries hostile to us. Instead, we will invite Pro-Pakistan ISIS, Al Qaeda and Taliban, we share good relations with them and hopefully, we can have a fruitful summit to further improve our ties with them”, LeT chief Hafiz Saeed said speaking on behalf of the Pakistani government.

“If India thinks it can isolate Pakistan then it is mistaken. This summit will show how every terrorist outfit in the world treats Pakistan as a friendly nation. Hopefully many agreements will be signed during the course of this summit to exchange latest technologies in terrorism. These outfits are special invited guests for this summit only, but if India continues to boycott future SAARC summits, we can give permanent membership to these guys”, Hafiz Saeed added.

As per reports, ISIS, Al Qaeda and Taliban have all confirmed their presence for the summit after Pakistan government assured them that best possible security arrangements will be in place to foil any terror attack by drones on the summit.

When we asked what the other member countries are saying about these new entrants in the summit, Hafiz Saeed said,”Who cares what they say. They can also withdraw from the summit. Humein terror outfits ki kami hai? Will invite few more.”