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Sacked party man praises the party leader, Opposition cries foul

19, May 2017 By RT

New Delhi. A sacked party member called for a press conference in the capital city, immediately after the sacking. The media was on high alert and assembled in large numbers to listen to the accusations and big revelation. To everyone’s disappointment, the party-man was full of praise for the party leader. He thanked the party leadership for the action taken and took a promise in front of the media that he would take corrective measures and improve himself to earn the party’s membership again.

Opposition parties protesting outside Parliament
Opposition parties protesting outside Parliament

“I erred. It was a moment of weakness. My party leadership had time and again warned of strict action against any wrong doings. While I feel extremely shy to elaborate on the error perpetrated, I would like to simply admit it. I would have resigned even if my party has not sacked me,” Mapil Kishra told Faking News.

When some reporters relentlessly asked for any juicy information on big exposes, he said, “Are you kidding? How can a sacked person blame the party leadership? What credibility would that have? The ACB would throw away the documents as useless. I will become the laughing stock of the nation for a few days. I will be looked upon as a student reporting against principal for rewarding me with suspension for misbehavior.”

When a reporter pointed out that his behavior is totally out of the normal trend, “I know it is not normal. The obvious thing is to challenge the party high command, tell the media that they are corrupt, join opposition and become a member in one of their parties or start something new, how much ever useless the new outfit would become! No. I am not going to fall into any of these comical activities,” he further added.

“You will never get anything out of me. It is not even on the ‘Need-to-know’ basis. From me, it is always going to be Need-to-No basis,” Mapil Kishra concluded to Faking News even as the entire opposition was crying foul on his apolitical stand on the aftermath of a sacking.