Sakshi Maharaj now asks Hindu men to pray at least 15 times a day

07, Jan 2015 By indianpsycho

Meerut. After asking Hindu women to produce at least 4 kids, Sakshi Maharaj has now asked hindu men to pray at least 15 times a day to protect Hindu religion.

“Why should boys have all the fun? “ he is reported to have said while claiming that merely impregnating  wives was not enough hard work for men and they should do more to save Hinduism.

“It has come to my notice, that majority of Hindu men only pray on Tuesdays or when confronted with a difficult situation. This needs to be changed if Hinduism is to be saved in India,” the BJP MP from Unnao, said at a religious gathering in Meerut, “We must counter the concept of praying 5 times a day and Friday prayers with our own 15 prayers in a day and Tuesday havans.”

Sakshi showing Hindus how to pray with folded hands.
Sakshi showing Hindus how to pray with folded hands.

Calling this concept ‘Mandir Wapsi’, Sakshi Maharaj and his supporters would storm every Hindu household unannounced, make Hindu men in the house wear saffron outfits, hand them Gita and other religious text books, and forcefully take them to the nearest mandirs to make them perform pooja at least 15 times.

“They have an option of either performing these poojas in one go or they could even keep gaps in between,” Sakshi told Faking News.

“But it would be better if they help their wives their complete target of producing 4 kids during this gap,” he quickly added.

He further urged them to perform at least 2-3 of those prayers outside a Mosque or Church.

Maharaj further has plans for those Hindus who still manage to evade these poojas, by creating situations where they are forced to pray.

“We would give fake calls on their mobiles and scare them by saying stuff like his family members have met with an accident. I am sure on hearing this they would immediately start praying and thus complete their praying quota,” quipped Sakshi.

When asked, when would these Hindu people work, he shot back that it wasn’t his concern at the moment.

Meanwhile MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi, has asked his followers to make sure that every new born boy in his constituency offers namaz, first thing he comes out of his mother’s womb.