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Sakshi Maharaj to set up "Test tube baby production factory" to produce Hindu babies on mass level

07, Jan 2015 By idiot420

New Delhi. Sakshi Maharaj, BJP MP from Unnao who recently said that every Hindu woman must produce four children, is now planning to take the matter in his own hands by setting up a test tube baby production factory to produce Hindu babies on mass level.

Sakshi Maharaj was shocked to see the backlash which he was facing for his comment, even from the Hindu section of the society.

Expected glimpse of a baby godown

“If people don’t want to participate, it’s fine. I have found a way to achieve what I want,” said the parliamentarian revealing his grand plan to set up a baby production factory in the outskirts of Delhi, “I can’t wait for others, as it’s getting too late. Population of Hindus is shrinking day by day and all these people are caring about is giving proper education, food and health facility to their children. They need to be more rough and tough.”

Sakshi Maharaj is aiming to flood market with Hindu babies in the next three years.

“I am pro-industrialization. All I am doing is trying to boost Hindu population growth using available technologies,” Sakshi Maharaj continued.

“Make in India,” he said, as he announced making Hindu babies in the factory.

Anand Tiwari, a close aide of Sakshi Maharaj revealed that they were expecting first production batch to be delivered by May 2016.

“If all goes well, by May 2016 our factory will produce around 50000 Hindu babies,” said Mr. Tiwari adding that as of now they are concentrating on hiring women who are ready to carry fertilized eggs inside them, and people who are ready to donate their sperms and eggs for fertilization, “And we are making sure that all of them are Hindus.”

Due to mass production level, a special nomenclature will be followed to name the babies. “For example, for babies born in year 2016, it will be like ‘Hindu Model Year 2016 X’, where X will be a number,” Anand Tiwari told Faking News.

On being asked what they would be doing with babies, Sakshi Maharaj said, “We will be having big godowns where we will keep them for first 10 years, after which we will set them free to live life on their own, as a proud Hindu.”