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Samajwadi Party blames no election in jails as reason for poor performance

20, May 2014 By indianpsycho

Lucknow. Still recovering from the shockingly poor performance in just concluded Lok Sabha elections, Samajwadi Party today cited that the only reason they suffered such a massive defeat was because convicts and prisoners in the country were not allowed to vote.

The party arrived at this conclusion after an extensive post election assessment meet yesterday. The party which had earlier booked a huge conference hall for an all MP meet, later decided to have that meeting with all 4 MPs who won in a car instead.

Stalwarts whose efforts failed to translate into vote for SP.
Stalwarts whose efforts failed to translate into vote for SP.

Claiming they would have swept elections had they been held only in jails and mental hospitals across the country, Samajwadi Party spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia lashed out at Election Commission, accusing them of being extremely biased in their approach throughout.

“Our leaders Mulayam ji and Abu Azmi ji worked their ass off to polarize criminals and rapists in the society with their speeches and then you find there are no poll booths in jails and criminals in our country have no rights to vote. This is disgusting and shameful on EC’s part,” Bhatia thundered.

“And then we were also deprived of the services of Azam Khan ji who was starting to gather some momentum in garnering votes of criminals who are at large,” Bhatia further highlighted partiality of EC which had banned Azam.

SP leaders however conceded that not all criminals in the society voted for and their vote got split especially in UP where there were several parties who seemed to be wooing them.

“We may have failed to reach out to all of them,” Irfan Solanki an upcoming criminal in the party claimed.

Denying charges that their party resorts to criminal appeasement, SP supreme Mulayam Singh warned budding criminals of dark days ahead.

“The upcoming govt is going to be a disaster for rapists, murdrers and other offenders. Besides SP, there is no other party which cares for criminals like us,” Mulayam told Faking News.

“We still appeal to all criminal forces to join hands and defeat non-criminal forces in future elections,” he added before signing off.