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Sambit Patra hires a spokesperson as he was not able to reach all news debates simultaneously

23, Mar 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Dr. Sambit Patra is a well-known orator and BJP National Spokesperson for years. No News debate panel is complete without the presence of Mr. Sambit Patra. But then he has only 24 hours in a day just like all of us. So to be present on TV channels in a day has become pretty tough for Sambit. And that is the reason he has hired a personal spokesperson to propagate his views on shows where he won’t be physically present.


Sambit has been getting invitations from all news channels to put BJP’s point of view on the shows, and he has been punctual in almost all of them. Some days back he even created the record of being on 16 channels in a single day. But the hectic work schedule is taking a toll on his body. A few days back he missed being on a new channel because he was on a show on some other news channel. He really felt bad after not keeping the commitment with one channel. So much so that, yesterday he announced in a press conference that he has hired a spokesperson who would help him keep all commitments.

To hire the spokesperson Sambit held a tough selection process. The process started with an essay writing competition, debate competition, a running race to see if the person reaches all channels on time and also a shouting competition where a competitor has to shout at loudest of his voice. After all the rounds were completed a personal interview with Sambit was the final round and that is how Mr. Shwetank Srivastava was selected as the official spokesperson of Sambit Patra.

It is yet to be seen as to which news debate will Shwetank make his debut with, but what will be more interesting to see is whether he will create the same magic as Sambit does.