Wednesday, 22nd January, 2020


Sambit Patra opts for ‘work from home’ option, will be seen 8 hrs a day on Republic news debates

03, Apr 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra has shifted to the Republic TV office situated in Lower Parel to save his time spent traveling to the studio for the debate every night. Earlier this month, Sambit had requested Republic TV editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami, to allow him some space in the office premises so that he can shift there permanently along with his family members. It was a real pain for Sambit to commute daily during peak hours in the terrible traffic conditions. In fact Sambit, who works like and shows the punctuality of a corporate employee has opted for the work from home option at the BJP headquarters.


Traffic is a big problem in a metro like Mumbai and it makes sense for more and more employees to work from home instead of clogging the roads. Sambit realized the fact that he spends more time in the Republic studios than his own home and so it is like his home. BJP members also recognize the importance of Sambit defending government’s decisions on prime time television. Sambit will inspire many other spokespersons from different parties to start working from the news channels which are their favorite.

Confirming the news, Sambit said, “It took me a lot of time and effort to travel to Republic TV studio for the debate every day. Arnab and I belong to the same party… oops! I mean, we go to a lot of parties together. So, he had to do me a favor by giving me and my family some space in his office. After all, I have been the most consistent thing on the debate after the noise.”

Meanwhile, the spokespersons of the Congress party who had allegedly boycotted the Republic TV debates were seen queuing outside the news channel’s office. One of the spokespersons said, “With the high rates of property in Mumbai, it is really difficult to find an appropriate house in the city. We are ready to appear in Republic TV debates again if Arnab allows us to stay in his office like he allowed Sambit,” he said. He clarified that he will not be bringing his family along with him to the office.

Now that Sambit has set an example for the other spokesperson, we can just hope that he inspires a current lot of corporate employees too.