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Sambit Patra praises Narendra Modi for reducing Awaragardi on Bikes by increasing Petrol Prices

05, Sep 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: BJP spokesperson and news studio resident Sambit Patra has praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for rapidly increasing petrol prices in the country.


As petrol prices crossed 86 Rs mark in Mumbai, Mr. Patra congratulated PM Modi for his hard work towards ensuring safe roads for the Indians. As per Mr. Patra, high petrol prices are keeping hooligans off the roads, making them safer for everyone else.

Speaking at a Press Conference squeezed in his busy schedule of news debates, Mr. Patra said, “A lot of misguided youngsters spend all their time roaming around on their bikes, doing awaragardi, creating ruckus, disrupting traffic, wasting their valuable time instead of studying or looking for a job. Now with increased petrol prices, they just can’t do those things freely any more, they have to worry about the cost of petrol at all times.”

“This has made our roads safer, reduced traffic on the road as people now go out only when they absolutely have to, reduced accidents, even Mumbai roads are starting to look like wide 1 laned highways as people stay away from the roads thanks to the cost of going out in your own vehicle. In fact, I hope our government works harder to ensure petrol reaches new heights every day. This is all a vision of our beloved PM Modi,” Mr. Patra added.

When asked if the government is planning to reduce some of the taxes on petrol to reduce its prices, an irritated Patra said, “I am talking about taking Petrol to new heights and you want to pull it down? And as far as reducing taxes is concerned, aren’t you aware that Mr. Jaitley is back in Finance Ministry? You should have thought of these things when he was away.”