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Sambit Patra’s family files missing report after not finding him on any news debate

16, Nov 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Every party needs a voice. And the voice which is most famous nowadays is that of Sambit Ptra, the spokesperson of the BJP. No news debate is complete without Sambit being a part of it. He travels throughout the country to be a part of almost all debates on news channels. His work load is way more than that of the BJP ministers. Everything Sambit says becomes the national communication of BJP. So yesterday when his family didn’t find him on any news debate, they were worried and filed a missing report.

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Sambit attends so many news debates that the only time he is at home is while sleeping at night or having breakfast in the morning. His family watches him on television on a daily basis and they are relaxed only after watching him at the scheduled time on every channel. SO yesterday when they didn’t find him on any news channel, they were too worried, as Sambit rarely goes anywhere else. Sambit doesn’t have friends, Sambit doesn’t have any other hobby other than debating, obviously. Police authorities took the report seriously as the national spokesperson was involved here. They searched each and every news room in the country, each and every panel of discussions on political parties and din’t find Sambit anywhere.

The shock of a lifetime hit the Patra family when they saw Sambit coming out of his bedroom. At first everyone didn’t believe that it was Sambit but later realized that Sambit had taken a day off and was resting as he had high fever. There was a relaxation seen on the faces which were stressed out for the whole day. The police official advised Sambit to keep their family members informed about his schedule so that such confusion doesn’t arise again.